Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Would anyone believe it ?

April 17th was my last blog and I was having trouble with Peoplepc because they had sent me a disk to update my security pack and it wiped out everything ... Just like a virus and today ----they finally sent me a disk to restore my computer.
Of course it took a letter to the BBB where I filed a complaint and I might add a Long Complaint.

Maybe I will sleep better tonight. Since I last blogged , I have had a tooth pulled last Thursday and my face is still sore but, the pain of the tooth is gone.
I got an second a/c for my house and now I am cool.
By the way the weather has cooled off and it feels like early Spring. I would like to "bottle up" some of this cool and save it for August.
maybe it won't be 3 months before you hear from me again.