Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arm Chair Journey

Here is another journey from my Arm Chair,

When the funds are limited ( and they are. ) I amuse myself doing this :

It is a Fall day and I am at my log cabin by the lake, there are tall Pine trees as far as I can see. Birds are chirping to each other, their song seems to say: "Winter is coming we must prepare."
Right now I am standing on my porch looking towards the lake, I see ripples on the water, a gentle breeze is blowing. Under one tree there are several deer , a raccoon and a squirel nosing around to see what else there is to eat. They have already eaten the corn I put out for them earlier this morning.
I go back into the cabin and get a cup of coffee and a hot home made roll. I am going to sit in my rocking chair on the porch and watch the animals while listening to the birds and the leaves being blow by the wind.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was given another tag word for the letter "F" by 2L3BS, so here we go:

I just love "Fireplaces" in the winter the fire is much warmer and I love the crackling sound the wood make when it burns.

I love "Furry" critters of all kinds.

I love to watch "Fireflys" during the Spring and summer.

"Fudge" anyone ? Yummy !

I love "Fabric" I just like to sew and make pretty things.

I love "Funny" Movies, I enjoy laughing.

I love "Flowers" of all kinds.

"Fall" colors and are my favorite and I like the Season, too !

I would love to live on a "Farm" again.

I love to see "Flamingos" in the Zoo.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The letter "G"

Betsy of "My Five Men tagged me to write ten things I like that starts with the letter "G" so here goes:

I make lots of cards and I love to use "Glitter" on them. I am sorry I can not provide pictures because I do not have a camera that will do that.

I like to play "Games", board games and computer games.

"Grandparents" that raised me.

"Gardens" flower gardens and veggie gardens.

The color Green" after the Winter everything is fresh and green.

I like to go to the Zoo and see the animals especially the "Giraffes", they look so graceful.

"Garage Sales" where you can find almost anything.

"Greyhounds" my daughter has two retired Grehound, Bruno and Hoover.

"Geraniums" are one of my favorite flowers.

"Gold" as in jewelry.

Next I have to do the Letter "F" Maybe tomorrow .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barbara here is my "Meme.

Barbara from Serenity Gate tagged all of her followers to do this: ABC of ourselves.

A- the Arthritis I have had 40 years
B-for blogging
C-do you prefer cake or pie I like mincemeat pie best
Day- for day of choice Tuesday, we go to our craft class
Essential clothes -for me are jeans
Flavor of ice-cream I like best is Rocky Road
Gifts I like are books , candles or something homemade.
Hometown-Sweetwater, Texas
Indulgences- scrapbooking things
Juice my favorite is Grapefruit
Kids 3
Last movie I saw Mrs. Doubtfire
Merry-go- round or Ferris wheel --Merry- Go- Round for me.
Number of siblings 2
Oranges or apples, I'll take an orange, please.
Phobia-fear of flying
Quote -"What goes around comes around "
Reason to smile Puppies , kitties, and babies
Season My favorite is Fall
Tag - all of you that have not done this.
Unknown fact about me, I am always anxious
Veggies- my favorites are squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers
Word games for me, please
X-ercise - no not that
Your favorite book -"Along came a Spider" by James Patterson
Zodiac Scorpio and Year of the Tiger in Japan

Thanks, for reading this post come along and play !
And a special Thanks to Barbara at Serenity Gate

See you soon ~~~~Hugs

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taking a break..

This morning I am off on one of my imaginary trips come along if you like. Today I am heading for a private island where it is warm ( not hot or humid) The breeze is blowing softly and the smell of Spring flowers is in the air. Right now I am standing on the white sandy beach, there is not a cloud in sight. Best of all there are no people on the beach because it is very early.
I brought my breakfast with me and a quilt to sit on while I eat. I have a thermos of hot coffee a bagel and cream cheese and fresh fruit, strawberries, black berries, and pineapple. What could be better ??

After I eat and walk up and down the beach in search of shells ( yes, there shells on my beach today.) I will go for a swim.

I see a clump of large trees up head if I am lucky I might see exotic birds or other wild life.

Now it is getting late and time for dinner so, I head to a small cafe I saw on my walk this afternoon. I will have fresh fish, rice and fresh veggies and maybe some more fruit.

It is getting dark now so I start back home. I like to sleep in my own bed ! Did you enjoy the trip ??

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got up this morning and it was raining and the wind was blowing, so it is not a day for outdoors ! I have been wanting to move my scrapbooking junk into the kitchen where I have more windows and the lighting is better--- this is what I started doing early and I have made at least 30 trips back and forth from my craft room to the kitchen. I have not made a dent in this project. At the rate I am going it will take me two weeks to get it done.

I also want to buy a Cricut Expression to help in my scrapbooking . So I went to Hallmark to purchase the machine and their check out is not working !!!

Maybe I should have stayed in bed this morning because all I have done is make more of a mess than I had to begin with in my kitchen and craft room.

So I am just going to drink some coffee and sit down and think about my scrapbooking and then make a card.
Happy days to all of you. Leslie

Monday, February 9, 2009

My heart is heavy !

What is happening in Australia is so sad and sinceless, according to my computer news some of not all of those fires are set by some monsters. ( people )
The loss of life is now a mass murder. Are people just bored or so mean that they could do this ?

I have some wonderful blogger friends in Australia and so do many of you and we are helpless to do anything about this carnage.

Join me in prayer for all of Australia, together we can do this one act of goodness.
I close with heavy heart. God Bless Australia.
Hugs to all my blogger friends. ~~~Leslie