Sunday, November 23, 2008

One for the road

My book isn't ready yet so I will leave you this message before I leave for Atlanta.

If you are in a Kashrut then you can not dine with Phybrubb, and Ingombeg tonight. You can invite them over for a snack. By the way Glark and Nozle will be there, too.

Can we please have Pread , Chies and don't forget the Hedlyst ? Translated (I guess.) Can we have bread, cheese and lettuce?

These are just a few of my verification words I have seen the past two days??

Okay Alex and Addie it is your turn and anyone else that wants in on this nonsence. ;*)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sheets and a Book

I put new Flannel sheets on my bed this morning boy, they are wild ! Just imagine sleeping on sheets that are red and yellow zigzagged together, it looks a comet just landed on my bed !

This timely bed change is so my bed will be clean when I get back from Addie's. Do you think I should sleep standing up tonight and tomorrow night ? Let me know.

My next plan is to write a book using just verification words: The title will be " Phybrubb" written by "my" favorite v. Word " Falsesses" Where do these words come from anyway ??

Have you ever had......

Have you ever had a neighbor that you wished she (or he ) lived on another planet ? Well, I have one now that I wished was on any planet but, this one. She is the daughter of my friend next door, I do believe even her Mother wishes she was somewhere else.

Michelle would not know the truth if it came up and "bit" her on her backside ! She is not a bad person but, she is lazy and won't work and if she happens to get inside my house ( I do not invite her in, she just comes inside. ) There she sits and lies for hours on end, there is no give and take when she is talking---she just broadcasts !

Yesterday, she told me over and over how things were when she was in Medical School. The woman did not graduate from high school ( that is not a crime. ) When I want fiction I will turn on TV. or read a book..

Sorry, I just had to say this to someone.

Monday I leave for Atlanta, I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Doesn't any one know someone in Africa ? If we are going on our Safari I need at least one dot on Africa . I have 11 dots but, an even dozen would be nicer.
I will try to be patient. ;*)

Time is short

In four days I will be with my daughter , Garrett, Jared, Tyler, Hoover, Bruno and my son, Kevin. That will be a wonderful day !! One glorious week of laughing, playing, talking and of course eating. After all it will be Thanksgiving !

I hope it will be a little warmer there than it is here this morning , it is 19 degrees outside my window. Brr !

Now for the work part of this: I try to tell myself if I clean house ( dirty words) change my sheets, etc. That I will be very much happier when I get back. But, who cares, I had rather play my games on the computer, scrapbook, and blog,blog, blog.. I can work anytime -- problem solved !

After Sunday no blog on this spot until Dec. 1st. But, I am not gone yet.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


MeMe # 3

Boy, did that make my mind run amok' First, I would buy my very own Amtrak train then staff it with the best Chefs and invite all of my friends, family and some bloggers ( maybe Alex would like to come along with her dogs.) There would be one car for pets, with all the things dogs would like to have with them . Eveyones dogs invited. We would take a trip up into Alaska. I have a video of such a trip ! That was a beautiful trip on the video.

I would move somewhere warmer and closer to " some of my family" a big nice house with everything anyone would want to have, for me that could include an old lady bathtub. ( one you see on then a huge room for sewing and scrapbooking and all tools, too, please, for all of my hobbies.

Three, to go on Safai in Africa and ride across the plains and see the animals up close. Does anyone want to go with me ? (Four) a pill to make me young again. (5) A limo would be nice. I do not have a car. (6)Money for all of my kids and grandkids. so they would never have to work again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Country Commandments

You just never know where you may find good information! I was sitting in the "little room" waiting for the Doctor to come in and talk to me. I had already looked through a whole magazine, the I started to look the walls and I saw this plaque.

Country Commandments, and they go like this:
No hankerin' for others stuff.
No cuss'n
No kill'n
Mind your Ma and Pa
Cheatin' is forbidd'n
Ya'll don't steal
Just how could I have lived this long and not know this stuff ?

Well, that's life in Hillbilly Heaven !!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things are hopping !

Next Monday I will leaving for Atlanta and I have lots to do before that time comes.
It has been about 100 years since I have been anywhere so far away from my own spot. ( Not blogspot) just where I live.

Lots of laundry to be done, clean my house, so I will not come home to a messy house ! Pack my box and send it UPS. I do want my clothes to be there when I arrive, being that it is Thanksgiving holidays and about a b'zillon people will be traveling, also. Did I mention I hate crowds , I am big enough to be a "crowd" by myself..

I have to leave a key with my friend Nell, so she can water my 15 plants and turn my water on in the kitchen sink if the temp. gets down way below freezing. It has already been in the mid-twenties. Cold enough for you ?

I will get to see my daughter and her family and the dogs, Another bonus-- my son from Az.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Where is everybody today ? Have you stopped blogging ?


Yeah, 11 dots now---does that make me "dotty" or what ? Virginia, there is a Santa Clause after all. Everyone have a good week-end


I have several of my Grandmother's Antiques and I cherish them.

Tomorrow, I will become an antique ! I do believe 70 relates to antique-ish. I just made that word up as you can tell. I am not rusty yet but, I creak when I walk my hair is not grey, thanks to my grandmother's genes. No, not blue jeans !

On the lighter side, the weatherman is calling for snow flurries today and our leaves are still falling maybe today we are having "fallish winter!" Fall and Winter are my favotite seasons but, not together please...Then we do not know what to wear. I do want to be stylish, you know. That is a "must" in Hillbilly Heaven.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am wild about dots and this morning I have 10 of them, count them 10 !

This gives the strength to go forward with this day, I guess you can tell it doesn't take much to make me happy ! Another happy thing is that Lori and Kevin follow my blog and now my granddaughter. Stay with me folks !!!

Oh, yes my Dragonfly trip was wonderful, you otta' try it someday. ;-)

Just think 10 dots and 5 followers. Thanks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dragonfly Taxi Service

Dragonfly taxi service provides trips to anywhere a person wants to go and I am going to soar over mountains and down into forests. There, I will see all plant life and wild animals. I am bored today so what could be better than a trip ? I imagine: waterfalls, birds singing, deers, flowers and many other Wonders of the World. Come along if you dare, there will be no cars, smog or tall buildings or people is sight. I hope my Draogfly is a purple and pink one. See you later.

Oh, Happy Day

I just found out one of my Grandsons can put a whole Ding Dong in his mouth, I guess it came as a "big" surprise to his Mom but, not to Granny ----- I have a big mouth bet I could put a whole one in my mouth , too! Just wait folks until I get to your house. Yes, I am talking the little cake.

Another subject: When I woke up this morning I was not a happy camper. It is cloudy, damp, and looks like it might snow at anytime. Don't get me wrong I love snow but, just not right now. So decided to cook Loris favorite dish--Blackeyed Pea Soup. LOL

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing with the Stars !

If you did not watch the show last night, you missed some terrific dancing. They all are so good I don't know who will be voted off tonght.

Should they ever have blimps on there, I will be first in line. On to another topic. Today is the day Doris and I go to Berryville for shopping and our Scrapbooking class. Oh, what fun ! First we eat breakfast out, then the class and last but, not least Walmart. Oh, I forgot lunch we eat out again.

On a sadder note I will only be 69 for 5 more days. ;-) Just kidding about the sad part !
Will have an update later today and it will be funny. Chow

P.S. Thanks, for the new follower and the dot..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where are the Dots !!

I hate to admit this but, I am wearing out my computer looking at my Cluster Map for new dots.

How do people find our blogs ? Nine have found mine but, I want more ! The first thing every morning I run into my kitchen and turn on my computer, shivering I sit down and wait anxiously for a new followers or new dots. I know I have not had my blog very long. Patience is not one of my virtues.
Worst of all I lost one of my followers. I think he was from Turkey and maybe he had never heard of a "Hillbilly."That's his loss.

Well folks, if you wonder where I am----I am still sitting by my computer. ;-0

Addie-Tude: Springtime Fresh Improvisation

Addie-Tude: Springtime Fresh Improvisation

Ahh, at last you know what happened at our house when you and Kevin were home.
I can't count the times I sat in the bathroom and uttered "sweet nothings" to the both of you. There is a God after all. keep smiling. Mom

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pet Peeve

Maybe this is not the place to write this but, here goes!

The Weather Channel does not know there is a state called Arkansas. They do not tell the temperature of any city in the state Little Rock is the capital of this state. The weather persons stand in front of Ar. if they move to one side or the other then they call Ar.., Tenn., Kansas, or something else !

Just a note to the Weather Channel : Some people here can read and write, we know North, South, East and West. We feel hot and cold ! Shame on you for ignoring this beautiful State. !!!

Now I feel better I think I will go to the North Pole.

laughing purple goldfish designs: 'no-join' method of cutting fabric strips

laughing purple goldfish designs: 'no-join' method of cutting fabric strips

The North Pole

I woke up this morning at the North Pole. My Igloo was almost covered with snow and ice, the wind was howling and so were my sled dogs ! What's an Eskimo supposed to do on a day like this ? First I will eat an Eskimo Pie, then get my fishing pole--- break a hole in the ice and catch my lunch.
After that I will hitch up the dogs and run into town and do my shopping at Walmart ! Isn't there one everywhere ? I need a new walrus skin coat and a new axe. Then I will go home and watch T.V.

Oh, my that was just a dream I am still in Hillbilly Heaven.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter is coming !

It is cold outside for a Fall day and the wind is blowing like crazy , the leaves are coming down like rain.

My only source of heat -- 4 small electric heaters, today they are warm enough. Come January I may be a block of ice , I hear that is what happened to the Prehistoric animals and people. Who, knows I may make history someday when they find me ! Later

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day in Hillbilly Heaven

Hi, Y'all

A friend brought me some black walnuts, she did crack them. This afternoon I sat down to get the nuts out of the shells. She did not furnish a tool to get them out with so I had use my imagination, first I tried a new nail ( no good ) next I got a crochet hook out of my collection of hooks this is better but, slow as "molasses running up hill."
To let you know how slow I have been picking for more than an hour and I have about 1/4 cup. At this rate I will be doing this task into the Spring. I had hoped to do some Christmas baking using these nuts. Don't hold you breath folks.

The leaves are falling and falling !

This cooler weather is turning all the leaves their many colors but, meanwhile the are hitting the ground, to be raked up by someone ?? Along with that come Thanksgiving and the Christmas. The question is: What to eat or not eat, in my case , it is what not to eat ?? Some times after I eat I think, "I just ate my will power." I can gain weight just watching food commercials !

I will be at my daughter' and family's house for Thanksgiving, I just hope I don't get so much bigger I can't get on the plane to return home to Hillbilly Heaven.

This time of the year I like to burn candles and Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla scents are my favorites. Then my house smells like I have been baking all day. I am still searching for a candle that smells like pound cake. One of my dear friends had one that was that scent, it really had a nice smell.

Yesterday was Doris and my day to go to our Scrapbooking class, we have such a good time there. We laugh and talk and show each other what we have done since we were there last.
www. is Johanna blog, she own the shop where we have our classes. There are pic. of some of the things we have done. Later

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time change#!*7?!#=*

This morning I was awake by 4 A.M. My body does not know about the time change. I was slowly making my way to the computer , my eyes not quite open I tripped and met the floor " Face to Face." Now getting up was another problem and am not as young as I used to be but, that is a topic for another day. Of course I did get up or I would not be writing this blog. I think all of time change stuff is supposed to be about it being light outside when we get up ! Not so where I live. My place on a hill enclosed by many tall pine trees. Described by many as a "Forest" You cannot see the Forest for the trees, a man once said. About meals since "the change". When I get up I usually eat breakfast. If I eat at 4 in the morning I want to eat lunch at 9. Maybe I should just eat once an hour and not worry about " my largeness if that is a word. I really am in shape. Round is a shape isn't it ? More later ;-0

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Addie-Tude: A Lovely Centerpiece

Addie-Tude: A Lovely Centerpiece

Oh, Lori, even though you told me about your centerpiece, it sounds worse on paper. Yes, I can call her Lori she is my daughter and she is the most fun of "all my girls" Oh, yes I only have one ! I hope you do not have any of that centerpiece left by the time I get there. Mom

Six A.M. In Hillbilly Heaven

Good grief ! My body says 6 a.m. my clock say 5 a.m. To eat breakfast now or later is the question ? If I eat now then I have to eat the next to meals earlier and where does it end. Maybe I should eat every hour that way time does not matter. But, then I might be to big to get on a plane to visit my children in Atlanta in three weeks !! I can see right now, today is going to be a bummer !

Saturday, November 1, 2008

When a cow laughs does milk come out her nose?

I have a love for all animals and this includes cows. I live in a rural area and cows do funny looking things like using their tails for swatters and standing in the ponds of water while they drink it. The longing in their eyes is so sweet when they are watching their babies. I even have a page in my scrapbook about cows.

Scraps Of Paper

This is my first blog and I am : all about scrapbooking. My friend and I go to a class for card making and scrapbooking once a week . I have a craft room in my house that is full of scraps of paper all shapes , colors and sizes I would love to know how many Scrappers are out there. I have been doing this for a year now. Scrapbooking fills my days-not to mention my living room, bedroom and closets!