Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Would anyone believe it ?

April 17th was my last blog and I was having trouble with Peoplepc because they had sent me a disk to update my security pack and it wiped out everything ... Just like a virus and today ----they finally sent me a disk to restore my computer.
Of course it took a letter to the BBB where I filed a complaint and I might add a Long Complaint.

Maybe I will sleep better tonight. Since I last blogged , I have had a tooth pulled last Thursday and my face is still sore but, the pain of the tooth is gone.
I got an second a/c for my house and now I am cool.
By the way the weather has cooled off and it feels like early Spring. I would like to "bottle up" some of this cool and save it for August.
maybe it won't be 3 months before you hear from me again.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Arggh 2

I have been having trouble with my computer and peoplepc.com.
They sent me an update for my security pack and it deleted a bunch of my stuff. Finally,
I called Tech support ( I would rather take a beating than call them.) I got exactly zero from them. Did you know all of the tech support people from Peoplepc. live in India. What about our people without jobs????? I have trouble understanding their accent on the phone.
The thing is I don't know how to fix my problem . I can not afford to have someone come out and fix it.
Well, I will stop here before I run my blood pressure up "sky high."
Have a gret week-end all my blogger friends.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Lucky Day

I don't know if any of you know that I don't have a car but, I don't and getting places is not easy.
I have a friend that takes me shopping and to Dr. Appt.'s and there is a new van service that just started in January. That has made a "big" difference in my life !!!!

Yesterday my phone rang and it was John, my former spouse calling to tell me he was getting a newer car and I was happy for him. The next thing he said, made me a lot happier, he is giving me the car he has now !!!!

How about "them apples ?"

We had summer yesterday and winter again today ! Sigh.

Have a beautiful Easter my blogger friends !!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is this ???

It rained all night and it was 45 degrees when I got up at 7 a.m. this morning.
Since that time it has thundered and hailed for about 30 minutes and the next time I looked it was snowing to beat the "band." And now it is 34 degrees.
This month several days have been Summer days (up in the 80's) Lots of 70's but, more 40's.

I have been under the weather and maybe the weather was causing it !!!
I am thankful I am not in Denver, Co. or where the flooding is on going.
Please come back Spring !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspired !

This morning when I read Renie's blog, I was inspired to write this event in my life.
My husband and I lived on the outskirts of Huntsville. We had 2 acreas, an Apple orchard and the best soil I have ever seen.
I had 5 or 6 flower beds and a beautiful veggie garden. I had a neighbor right by my veggie garden, his name was Mr. Groundhog. Everyday when I went out to look at my garden, Mr. Groundhog would stick his head out of his hole in the ground to see what I was doing.
So when I would go back in the house I watched him at the back door.
Out he would come and get a big tomato and sit right there in my garden and stand on his hind legs and eat that tomato.

Shortly after that I would bring out a low stool and sit a ways from where he was eating
and talk to him in a low gentle voice. I did this for 6 months getting closer each time, still talking to him, he would turn his head and look at me after I had been doing that for several months. One day I ventured right up to him and offered him the tomato that was in my hand.
He reaced out and took it from my hand !!!!!!! he did not run away but, sat there and ate it right by my side. I guess it doesn't take much to thrill me, but I was so thrilled I ran in the house and told my husband. He understood because he loves critters, too.
I have a picture of him eating on of my tomatoes. The next Spring I planted two more tomato plant just for him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Happening ?

I don't know what is happening, I just spent 30 minutes posting a new blog and it just vanished !!

This was the first week of the new "Dancing with the Stars", do any of you watch that show ?
I don't know how to dance but, I love that show and the costumes.

Yesterday it was 79 degrees with a low of 66 the night before . Today when I woke up it was 24 and with maybe a high of 40. Tonight it is supposed to snow and rain which mean ice !!!
When Doris and I went to our Scrapbooking class yesterday we were dressed for Spring, this morning I am dressed for Winter !!!! Grrrr. It stormed last night and I lost my power for 4 hours.

I got my lovely necklace from Betsy and I just adore it. To day I got a gift from Loida, from 2L3bs. Thanks, Loida how did you know that was my favorite color ? Is the return address one I can send a card to you ?

I have to get to work soon on my grandson's graduation album.
I have been playing computer games, doing puzzles that I had already, reading and watching some TV.

Doris and I stopped at a Thrift Store yesterday and I bought 4 jigsaw puzzles for a dollar each and 4 books for a dollar. So I have plenty of things to play with while Winter lingers on and on.

Sorry, I have been so long updating my blog. I truly care for my blogger friends !!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arm Chair Journey

Here is another journey from my Arm Chair,

When the funds are limited ( and they are. ) I amuse myself doing this :

It is a Fall day and I am at my log cabin by the lake, there are tall Pine trees as far as I can see. Birds are chirping to each other, their song seems to say: "Winter is coming we must prepare."
Right now I am standing on my porch looking towards the lake, I see ripples on the water, a gentle breeze is blowing. Under one tree there are several deer , a raccoon and a squirel nosing around to see what else there is to eat. They have already eaten the corn I put out for them earlier this morning.
I go back into the cabin and get a cup of coffee and a hot home made roll. I am going to sit in my rocking chair on the porch and watch the animals while listening to the birds and the leaves being blow by the wind.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was given another tag word for the letter "F" by 2L3BS, so here we go:

I just love "Fireplaces" in the winter the fire is much warmer and I love the crackling sound the wood make when it burns.

I love "Furry" critters of all kinds.

I love to watch "Fireflys" during the Spring and summer.

"Fudge" anyone ? Yummy !

I love "Fabric" I just like to sew and make pretty things.

I love "Funny" Movies, I enjoy laughing.

I love "Flowers" of all kinds.

"Fall" colors and are my favorite and I like the Season, too !

I would love to live on a "Farm" again.

I love to see "Flamingos" in the Zoo.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The letter "G"

Betsy of "My Five Men tagged me to write ten things I like that starts with the letter "G" so here goes:

I make lots of cards and I love to use "Glitter" on them. I am sorry I can not provide pictures because I do not have a camera that will do that.

I like to play "Games", board games and computer games.

"Grandparents" that raised me.

"Gardens" flower gardens and veggie gardens.

The color Green" after the Winter everything is fresh and green.

I like to go to the Zoo and see the animals especially the "Giraffes", they look so graceful.

"Garage Sales" where you can find almost anything.

"Greyhounds" my daughter has two retired Grehound, Bruno and Hoover.

"Geraniums" are one of my favorite flowers.

"Gold" as in jewelry.

Next I have to do the Letter "F" Maybe tomorrow .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Barbara here is my "Meme.

Barbara from Serenity Gate tagged all of her followers to do this: ABC of ourselves.

A- the Arthritis I have had 40 years
B-for blogging
C-do you prefer cake or pie I like mincemeat pie best
Day- for day of choice Tuesday, we go to our craft class
Essential clothes -for me are jeans
Flavor of ice-cream I like best is Rocky Road
Gifts I like are books , candles or something homemade.
Hometown-Sweetwater, Texas
Indulgences- scrapbooking things
Juice my favorite is Grapefruit
Kids 3
Last movie I saw Mrs. Doubtfire
Merry-go- round or Ferris wheel --Merry- Go- Round for me.
Number of siblings 2
Oranges or apples, I'll take an orange, please.
Phobia-fear of flying
Quote -"What goes around comes around "
Reason to smile Puppies , kitties, and babies
Season My favorite is Fall
Tag - all of you that have not done this.
Unknown fact about me, I am always anxious
Veggies- my favorites are squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers
Word games for me, please
X-ercise - no not that
Your favorite book -"Along came a Spider" by James Patterson
Zodiac Scorpio and Year of the Tiger in Japan

Thanks, for reading this post come along and play !
And a special Thanks to Barbara at Serenity Gate

See you soon ~~~~Hugs

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taking a break..

This morning I am off on one of my imaginary trips come along if you like. Today I am heading for a private island where it is warm ( not hot or humid) The breeze is blowing softly and the smell of Spring flowers is in the air. Right now I am standing on the white sandy beach, there is not a cloud in sight. Best of all there are no people on the beach because it is very early.
I brought my breakfast with me and a quilt to sit on while I eat. I have a thermos of hot coffee a bagel and cream cheese and fresh fruit, strawberries, black berries, and pineapple. What could be better ??

After I eat and walk up and down the beach in search of shells ( yes, there shells on my beach today.) I will go for a swim.

I see a clump of large trees up head if I am lucky I might see exotic birds or other wild life.

Now it is getting late and time for dinner so, I head to a small cafe I saw on my walk this afternoon. I will have fresh fish, rice and fresh veggies and maybe some more fruit.

It is getting dark now so I start back home. I like to sleep in my own bed ! Did you enjoy the trip ??

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got up this morning and it was raining and the wind was blowing, so it is not a day for outdoors ! I have been wanting to move my scrapbooking junk into the kitchen where I have more windows and the lighting is better--- this is what I started doing early and I have made at least 30 trips back and forth from my craft room to the kitchen. I have not made a dent in this project. At the rate I am going it will take me two weeks to get it done.

I also want to buy a Cricut Expression to help in my scrapbooking . So I went to Hallmark Scrapbook.com to purchase the machine and their check out is not working !!!

Maybe I should have stayed in bed this morning because all I have done is make more of a mess than I had to begin with in my kitchen and craft room.

So I am just going to drink some coffee and sit down and think about my scrapbooking and then make a card.
Happy days to all of you. Leslie

Monday, February 9, 2009

My heart is heavy !

What is happening in Australia is so sad and sinceless, according to my computer news some of not all of those fires are set by some monsters. ( people )
The loss of life is now a mass murder. Are people just bored or so mean that they could do this ?

I have some wonderful blogger friends in Australia and so do many of you and we are helpless to do anything about this carnage.

Join me in prayer for all of Australia, together we can do this one act of goodness.
I close with heavy heart. God Bless Australia.
Hugs to all my blogger friends. ~~~Leslie

Friday, January 30, 2009

Just a quick hello

I have been in a shelter for 3 days, because I did not have any electric power, back now, Don't know how long I will be here, lots of stuff melting and falling on my roof. It sounds like a war zone outside. It may bring down my power lines here. I have to turn off my computer now.

Hope all of you are safe and warm. Hugs ~~~~~~

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stay warm or cool I meant to say.

Random Thoughts

If you do not hear from me for awhile, a ice storm is on the way and they tell us we may get up to 2 inches of ice and if we do---there goes our power !!
Then I will be alone with my thoughts and sometimes the things I think about or happy, sad or just plain boring like this blog is going to be today. So please don't just turn off your computer. ;*)

My thoughts today or about my former husband of 31 years. He is the best man I have ever known, he was a good Dad, husband, provider and friend. He had only one job for 30 years , and we lived in many places. Hawaii, Okinawa, Korea, Japan and many states. He worked for the goverment, he speaks several languages and he has be interested in Astronomy even before I knew him. He is retired now and owns his own business making telescope mirrors and he is the best mirror maker there is.

We have been divorced for 10 years, we are best friends, we write emails everyday day to each other. I have never loved another man and never will.

Why you ask ?? We just grew apart after the kids left home. Please don't let this happen to you. This is a happy and sad thought for today. I cherish all of my memories.

Stay or or cool for the next few days.

Hugs to all ~~~~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to my kitchen !

Another early day, ho hum !

Yesterday some nut was digging a whole for a water line and he cut my phone line, so no computer and no phone all day. I was one unhappy camper I wonder if he felt my unrest ??

Well, it is 4 A.M. and I have been up an hour and a half. I am in my kitchen where I spend most of my days. This is my favorite room, it has 5 windows and it is the best place to scrapbook and my computer and sewing machine are in here, too.

My bloggers are the greatest also, bloggers I follow. I was reading one blog and the lady makes greeting cards ---Surprise ! One caught my eye , it had a guitar on it and I am making an album for one of my grandson's for Graduation. He likes playing his guitar and I was looking for one, so I sent her an email when I could not find a guitar anywhere.
Bless her heart she told me she would cut one out on her Cricut machine ( those are the greatest) and I am saving for one and she has mailed it to me. Thanks, DeeDee !

I really have not forgotten all of you, it is just that I "think tank" is dry right now. It is time for another cup of coffee.

Hugs to all~~~~~~ Leslie

Friday, January 16, 2009


I am thinking about you Liz.
Not what I did not say up above. Sigh

Propane and cold weather !!!

I did it this time, I have to heat my mobile home with propane and I have never had propane heat. Well, last night in the middle of the night I ran out that stuff... and it got down to Zero (F)
I have been sitting here all day waiting for the man from Amerigas to come put fuel in my tank. He just left and it is not working. So Iguess I will be frozen solid before morning.
I think I would like to live somewhere warmer and soon.

I am thing about you Liz. LOL

Hugs and kisses~~~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Go Away !

I know almost everyone is cold right now except our lucky bloggers from other places.
It was 12 degrees here this morning and it is 14 degrees right now. Come nightfall we will be the winners with Zero degrees. Honestly, I am almost afraid to sit down because I might freeze in my chair.

I live in a 30 year old mobile home that has so many "air holes" in here it is like living in a collander ~~~~Tuesday my Doctor told me not to sleep with my electric blanket on since I am Diabetic now. Does he have something against Diabetic people ? Really, I know the reason why I should not sleep under an electric but, I doesn't make me any warmer.

I am making a nice crockpot of stew for my dinner and I have a small piece of cornbread in my fridge that will go nicely with the stew.

When I came back from having coffee with my neighbor and opened the screen door my hand froze on the door. Ouch ! It was trying to snow but, I was really to cold to snow very much.
But, if it has to be so cold I would like some snow to show why it is sooo cold.
Stay warm every one ,Hugs to all ~~~~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is my day !

You know I turn on my computer on as soon as I can walk down the hall into the kitchen.
I read my blogs while I drinking a cup of coffee. Now the phone rings and my neighbor says come over and have coffee with me, so as a added bonus I have been taking over something to eat while we are drinking our coffee. Some times a muffin and cream cheese , this morning it was banana bread and cream cheese. Last week I made Egg McMuffins !!! Sorry McDonalds, I can do my own now..

We wile away a couple of hours talking about this and that such as what are we going to do today or the next day ! Then maybe we add what we are not going to do ~~~~.

Tomorrow, I do get to go to Berryville with my friend to our craft class and do some shopping. But, if the weather is bad and the roads are icy we can't go until Wednesday.
Now , I have to write a few emails, and make a grocery list. Last but, not least do a little sprucing up inside my humble abode.

Baby, it is cold outside and the wind is blowing vey hard. Just keep the storms at bay until Wednesday~~~Please !

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just can't resist ~~~

I have a long list of V.Words that I haven't used and I just can't resist using some today !

The Nescabil family went to visit the Copyhags that live Inbooffeem on lake Palkai. It was a diphy sort of day with Glemin singing in the trees and it had a walin sound and that was a aparipig singing with them. After quata time the song go old, so they lessec no more and went back Mersp where they lived. Minitn

Today the sun is shining, not so yesterday. I hope all of you are happily enjoying your day. Cheers~~~~~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This and That !

My thoughts are scattered today and have been the last few days. So I decided not to write until I could get my thinking straight.

I have an allergy to something ! For 5 days I have scratched and scratched, I feel like I am losing my mind ! All I can think about is this itch...... If it doen't stop soon I am going to go see my Doctor. Well, that is enough about itching.

A little bit more about Morris and his talking fish now :

While Morris was admiring his fish, it started talking to him and he said, "Please put me back into the water." Morris was so startled he dropped the fish back into the water and was heard saying "I will be back another day." It was getting late and Morris and his goats started back home for the evening meal. When he told his Mother his story she astounded but, she believed him. Then his Mother told him that the fish had been seen by others from time to time.

It is cold and cloudy again today and the temperture has been 28 degrees all day. The weather person says all next week will be below freezing.

I guess by now all of you hope I will quit writing for today.

To all my blogger friends, I enjoy your blogs and you lift my spirits daily.

Hugs to you all.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another early morning !

Hi, everybody !

I have been up since 2:30 A.M. that means I should have all of chores done, wrong I have been playing scrabble on my computer.

Now for a bit of my story.
Morris, the small boy is headed out with his goats and he wants to fish a bit. It is a beautiful Spring day, there is a light breeze and the smell of lavender in the air, the goats are grazing so Morris gets out his fishing pole and sits down in the cool grass where there is a shade tree.
In a blink of the eye, he has this beautiful fish on his line Morris, has never seen a fish like this one the scales blue and green. Thats all for today.

We are supposed to have snow or ice tomorrow. That is the day my friend comes and we go to our craft class. If it is to bad we can't go.

I am out of "blog" right now.

Hugs to all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I hope all of you have the greatest 2009 ever !
I hope our new President can get our countries in much better shape. I know it won't happen over night but, I have hopes ! I hope the pain and hunger will start to go away.

I am so glad the Holidays are over, don't get me wrong I love the holidays. Everything is so rush rush at that time of year. I am not much on crowds of people running amok in stores and talking on their cell phones at the same time.

I have an idea for a Children's story but, I have no one to talk about it with me.
So bare with me a few minutes and I will give you a short paragraph about my idea. ( If you promise not to stop following my blog.) LOL

It is about a boy that live with his Mother and they are very poor. They raise goats and the boy tends them and fishes some times while the goats are eating.
The boy finds a talking fish. Okay that was the short part.

I am so happy to have my Cancer patient to send cards and note. I hope it is some comfort to her.

My oldest son had knee replacement this past week, he is Diabetic and won't heal very fast, so please pray for him, his name is Jim.

I love all of my blogger friends. Have a good day.

Hugs !