Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was given another tag word for the letter "F" by 2L3BS, so here we go:

I just love "Fireplaces" in the winter the fire is much warmer and I love the crackling sound the wood make when it burns.

I love "Furry" critters of all kinds.

I love to watch "Fireflys" during the Spring and summer.

"Fudge" anyone ? Yummy !

I love "Fabric" I just like to sew and make pretty things.

I love "Funny" Movies, I enjoy laughing.

I love "Flowers" of all kinds.

"Fall" colors and are my favorite and I like the Season, too !

I would love to live on a "Farm" again.

I love to see "Flamingos" in the Zoo.


Betsy said...

Leslie ~ well, all my boys are well and back to school! I'm packaging up your gift! I'm sorry, but I misplaced your address! Would you email it to me? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Betsy said...

Found it! Sorry...yes, I'm a bit disorganized lately! I'll mail this out this afternoon priority mail! Enjoy! :)

Patty said...

Now Fudge caught my eye. I would love to have some of my Mother's homemade peanut butter or fantasy fudge. She makes both and they are always delicious. Well have to run to bus stop to met Granddaughter.

jinksy said...

Oo! fudge got me drooling too - never made any though. Too tempting!

2L3Bs World said...

to my dear MS. LESLIE:

Thanks for the wonderful "F" Blog.

Thanks for dropping by my blog this morning. Prior to your inquiry, yeah we will keep this blog. This is our windows to the world.. The most convenient and hassle-free way of visiting good friends like you anywhere in the world so I promise, we won't leave this..

By the way, I had sent you a small mementos of China to remember me. I hope you'll like my small gift. Under Post Receipt 4640718.

Please take care always my friend and have a nice day ahead..

Loida of 2L3B's

Leslie said...

Dear, Loida
I will cherish my gift from you. I hope you will be happy in your new home.

I have lived In Nagoya Japan, and Tokyo, Okinawa, and also, in Korea. I loved the country and the people.

Hugs to you and your family~~~~~Leslie