Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Happening ?

I don't know what is happening, I just spent 30 minutes posting a new blog and it just vanished !!

This was the first week of the new "Dancing with the Stars", do any of you watch that show ?
I don't know how to dance but, I love that show and the costumes.

Yesterday it was 79 degrees with a low of 66 the night before . Today when I woke up it was 24 and with maybe a high of 40. Tonight it is supposed to snow and rain which mean ice !!!
When Doris and I went to our Scrapbooking class yesterday we were dressed for Spring, this morning I am dressed for Winter !!!! Grrrr. It stormed last night and I lost my power for 4 hours.

I got my lovely necklace from Betsy and I just adore it. To day I got a gift from Loida, from 2L3bs. Thanks, Loida how did you know that was my favorite color ? Is the return address one I can send a card to you ?

I have to get to work soon on my grandson's graduation album.
I have been playing computer games, doing puzzles that I had already, reading and watching some TV.

Doris and I stopped at a Thrift Store yesterday and I bought 4 jigsaw puzzles for a dollar each and 4 books for a dollar. So I have plenty of things to play with while Winter lingers on and on.

Sorry, I have been so long updating my blog. I truly care for my blogger friends !!!!


cherokeefox said...

I understand about the crazy weather. I am in central Arkansas and it was 81 here yesterday. I actually think it is starting to freeze-rain right now or close to it. T-shirts one day and sweater & jackets the next. We can never pack up winter clothes at the first signs of spring, huh? Do you go to scrapbooking classes at a shop? We used to have a scrapbook store in NLR but it closed before I could check it out.

Barbara said...

Yes, yes, yes, I watch Dancing With The Stars and I loved Melissa!! She was just glowing. I think she's going to win!!!!

jinksy said...

I thought Britain had the most confused weather systems on the planet, but I guess I was wrong! Sounds like a bikini top and fur drawers might soon be in fashion?!

Leslie said...

Liz, nice to hear from you. We do have a shop in Berryville, just 11 miles from Eureka Springs where I live. This weather is going OLD, I am afraid we might have another ice storm. I don't want that to happen again any itme soon.

Leslie said...

Barbra, glad to know you are watching Dancing with the Stars, too. Melissa was great. I would like to see her win.

Leslie said...

Yes, Jinsky, I think the fur drawers and bikini top will be all the rage here in the near future. I just hope is does not turn into another ice storm where we lose power.

nanny said...

Hey Leslie, isn't this weather just awful? wish it would just be spring or summer/ha
Love Dancing with the stars,,,sure hope Melissa wins. she definitely is the winner of Bachelor/ha
I love Eureka! We took friends from New Orleans there last year and they loved it. Great getaway!
Do you live on the winding streets?
So very pretty.

Leslie said...

Nanny, I live just off Passion Play Road. But, I do enjoy going down in the old part of town and seeing all of the beatiful places.
Stay warm. Hugs~~~~~Leslie

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Our weather was almost the same as yours, except we had 34 overnight after the storm passed through, and tomorrow, we may get an inch of snow. Whatever we get now, won't last long, as it is to warm up by the weekend. Perish the thought of another ice storm!

I love Dancing with the Stars. Melissa was lovely, ballerina-like. From the guys, I though Gill was very....uh--sexy! Can I say that? lol.

Have a good night.



Loida said...

My dear Ms. Leslie,
Thanks that you are doing great out there. Thanks that you liked my small gift. I wish to give you more but maybe later when we finally settle down. I hope there will be no more snow storm your way..
Cares a lot,

Granny Annie said...

I can't relate to Danding With The Stars but I certainly can relate to your frustration about weather changes. We are bouncing back and forth between spring and winter and I'm starting to go psycho! (My spouse would say I'm already there:)

Denise said...

We have had that same crazy weather here in northern IN. Last friday it was sunny and 73* on sat, sun, mon and tuesday it was cold and rained every single day. This morning it snowed! I am so sick of this stuff!!

Have a great day, Denise

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Prince and I love Dancing with the Stars. We dance during daning with the stars.
We're not great dancer's but at least we don't have a live audience of like 10 billion people you know?
Take good care and our weather is bizarre here as well.

Steady On
Reggie Girl