Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Lucky Day

I don't know if any of you know that I don't have a car but, I don't and getting places is not easy.
I have a friend that takes me shopping and to Dr. Appt.'s and there is a new van service that just started in January. That has made a "big" difference in my life !!!!

Yesterday my phone rang and it was John, my former spouse calling to tell me he was getting a newer car and I was happy for him. The next thing he said, made me a lot happier, he is giving me the car he has now !!!!

How about "them apples ?"

We had summer yesterday and winter again today ! Sigh.

Have a beautiful Easter my blogger friends !!


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Leslie- Sigh. I'd have to agree with that towards the weather. Nice one day, rotten the next. Yippee! I'm happy for you that you are getting a car. I found your blog as I noticed you signed up for the Random Acts of Kindness. I came to your blog, but it's not posted here yet. But, I noticed in an earlier post of yours that you are glad you are not in Denver, CO. That caught my attention. I am from the surrounding Denver area, but moved a couple of years ago. I'm not to far away from there and the weather here is horrible. Getting pounded with a winter snow storm. But...Denver got it far far worse than even us, here. Wanted to say Hi.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Well, that was very kind and generous of your ex husband, to give you his old car. I don't know what I would do without a car out where I am.

We had a beautiful day yesterday and today, 70 and sunny, but winter returns tonight for a last blast, I guess. But by Wednesday, we'll be in the mid-60s, so I guess I can stand a cold, and maybe s little snowy Monday. Got no choice in the matter anyway. :-(

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



Patty said...

How wonderful that you will ahve your own wheels, as the kids say. Hope he makes sure everything is in good working order when he brings it to you. That was very nice of him. Happy Easter early.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Ms. Leslie,
I am so happy for you. Your ex husband may still love you considering the generosity he's providing you. How sweet..
Me and my family will be moving soon to Canada and when things got settled, I hope to send you more little presents just to make you smila and to remind you of us. Migrating is terribly expensive and really needs a lot of hardwork. Have a nice day and please take care always.
Care, Loida and Family

Leslie said...

Hi, Jody thanks for stopping by.
I visited your blog and decided to follow it. I am always looking for new Blogger friends.

Leslie said...

Renie, so nice to hear from you, I hope this is the last of the cold weather.
It has been rough without a car. Since John and I write each other an email everyday, he knew how hard it was for me not having a car. He is a dear man.
Happy Easter

Leslie said...

Patty, thanks for stopping by.
I hope you and your family have a nice Easter.
That car will be in "tiptop" shape when I get it.
John would not have given it to me if it wasn't in good shape.

Leslie said...

Dear Loida,
When you get moved send me your address so I can send things to you. I really enjoy the nice gift you sent me.
Yes, John and I still love each other and we always will. We talk at least once a week and send emails daily. We were married 31 years.
Have a nice Easter.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Good Morning Leslie. Thank you for popping in, saying hello and following my blog. It's a little quiet in my bloggy world right now as I am extremely busy. Hopefully I'll get on a roll though and post more often soon. I, too, enjoy making new friends. Have a great week and Happy Easter this up and coming weekend.


Terri said...

Woke up to a blanket of snow here in Michigan. Happy April the 6th!
I'm glad your ex was thinking of you and has given you a car...freedom

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Granny Annie said...

I cannot imagine being without a vehicle. It sounds like you have courageously moved forward finding your own way to be mobile. Good friends have helped and that speaks well for you as well as for them. I can't manage to praise your ex-husband because I have a feeling he probably owes you a lot more than a vehicle. Yes, I know,sour grapes but I can't help it.

Leslie said...

Granny Annie,
John really doen't owe me anything, he is just a Good Man. There are no sour grapes here.
Thanks, for stopping by.

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Leslie,
Sorry for this comment that is out of context with your post. Please e-mail your address for my "Random Acts of Kindness" event. Thanks a lot. ~Nan
P. S. My address is located on my profile. :)

Tali G said...

Awesome, glad to hear that you will be able to get around easier now.

Jill said...

Leslie! Now that is some GOOD NEWS!
I am quite happy for you!
Enjoy that car!

cherokeefox said...

And just in time for warmer weather. Maybe you could find a park to visit to help you get inspired to write one of your stories. Eureka Springs is full of great places to just sit and enjoy nature.

Leslie said...

Jill and Liz,
I am going to enjoy doing just that.
Liz, I have a card in the mail for you.
Hugs to you both~~~~Leslie

Granny Annie said...

I had to come back and say "Hooray for John!" He must be one-of-a-kind ex-spouse and you seem happy to have his friendship. Guess the world would be a better place if all former couples got along so well. Forgive my "sour grapes".

Leslie said...

Granny Annie,
He is one of a kind and I am proud to call him Friend.

This Country Girl said...

Well congratulations on the car! That's wonderful! I'm so glad for you!

Have a blessed Easter, Leslie!