Monday, January 5, 2009

Another early morning !

Hi, everybody !

I have been up since 2:30 A.M. that means I should have all of chores done, wrong I have been playing scrabble on my computer.

Now for a bit of my story.
Morris, the small boy is headed out with his goats and he wants to fish a bit. It is a beautiful Spring day, there is a light breeze and the smell of lavender in the air, the goats are grazing so Morris gets out his fishing pole and sits down in the cool grass where there is a shade tree.
In a blink of the eye, he has this beautiful fish on his line Morris, has never seen a fish like this one the scales blue and green. Thats all for today.

We are supposed to have snow or ice tomorrow. That is the day my friend comes and we go to our craft class. If it is to bad we can't go.

I am out of "blog" right now.

Hugs to all.


cherokeefox said...

I know how you feel, being out of blogs. I just can't get motivated. Maybe it is the weather? I have had a hard time getting re-adjusted since our trip to AZ. I'm going to try to get re-organized in January and am hoping for a perkier February. I will try to envision little Morris fishing in my next meditation session in the next couple of days. Knagnido will end this comment. lol

alex said...
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alex said...

2:30 AM? Now Mr. Sandman is just being plain mean! You are hereby cordially invited to visit my blog whenever you cannot sleep- I think it will put you right to sleep. You can even here the cricket chirping over there. ;-)
At least when you cannot sleep you can write your own bedtime story! Can't wait to see what happens next..
Any background on why you named the little boy Morris?
My v. word is blinges- I think it should be pronounced bling-ies, because, All us girls enjoy getting pretty blinges now and again.

alex said...

Sorry about deleting my first attempt at leaving a comment but obviously 6:00 AM is still too early for me- there were simply too many errors to leave it as is. I really think we should be able to edit our comments- I hope you are listening Mr. Blogger ;-)

Leslie said...

Alex, the name Morris just came to me out of "nowhere" or maybe the Twilight Zone. More about Morris tomorrow. Hugs

Leslie said...

Hi Leslie-Good to hear that being a Chemo angel is working for you. I feel rewarded when I send a little package and a letter. I'm sure that it is much appreciated. Not hearing back from the person is very different, but you'll get email updates from time to time about your person's progress.

You must be a night owl. I can't imagine getting up so early in the day. You must go to bed early in order to get proper rest.

Have you been making any art lately?

Happy New Year to you!


Granny Annie said...

We're waiting:)

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...


I hate waking up in the dead of the a.m. and doing the same thing. Instead I blog or draw something. Great you're continuing on with the story. Hang in there and tell Mr Sandman to bring you a sweet dream

Big Hug and Love

PS Draw some Fat Cats they are soo much fun

Betsy said...

Blogging and computer games instead of doing some work...yep, I think we can all relate to that! :)