Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Go Away !

I know almost everyone is cold right now except our lucky bloggers from other places.
It was 12 degrees here this morning and it is 14 degrees right now. Come nightfall we will be the winners with Zero degrees. Honestly, I am almost afraid to sit down because I might freeze in my chair.

I live in a 30 year old mobile home that has so many "air holes" in here it is like living in a collander ~~~~Tuesday my Doctor told me not to sleep with my electric blanket on since I am Diabetic now. Does he have something against Diabetic people ? Really, I know the reason why I should not sleep under an electric but, I doesn't make me any warmer.

I am making a nice crockpot of stew for my dinner and I have a small piece of cornbread in my fridge that will go nicely with the stew.

When I came back from having coffee with my neighbor and opened the screen door my hand froze on the door. Ouch ! It was trying to snow but, I was really to cold to snow very much.
But, if it has to be so cold I would like some snow to show why it is sooo cold.
Stay warm every one ,Hugs to all ~~~~~


Leslie said...

Hiya Leslie-
I know what you mean about the cold-it's supposed to be down below 10 degrees tonight here in Virginia-I'm going to make sure to stay bundled up. We're in the South-it shouldn't be that cold here-brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Try and stay warm ok? Do you have any kitties? If you do than put them next to you when you sleep-they keep you very warm, and if you don't well, I say get one-they're the best pets, easy to care for and their purring and warmth are wonderful!

Glad you're being such a great Chemo angel, I know it's appreciated more than you know!


Leslie said...

You stay warm, too. I used to have a kittie but, she has gone on now. She was old and half blind. They are good pets.
Lots of people are cold right now. One of my sons lives in Tucson Arizona where it is always warm and he was blogging to his sister about being cold and he wanted to complain to someone.. I am ready for Spring how about you ?

alex said...

I want you to stay warm- but no, please don't ask for winter to be over quite yet. My children have not seen more than a flake or two yet this winter! Honestly, a case of dandruff has more flakes than we have had.
my v.word is "peaked", yup- actual spelling this time!
Please don't say that winter has peaked already.

Lyn said...

Leslie, that sounds very uncomfortable, especailly in a mobile home. I hope you have lots of warm clothes and blankets. It's been hot here, and I would send some your way if I could.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Yep, we had the same weather as you, and are to get down to 0 F tonight! Yikes! Bet the warm stew tasted good on such a cold day. Stay warm tonight!



Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Leslie, I found your blog from Renie. I hope you don't mind that I am here.
It is my first winter here. I am in MI. I always told my hubby "I'm gonna die here." It is -8 right now. Brrr...

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning Leslie, I didn't see any e-mail address, so I will send it this way. Go to this web site,
to find the weather thing I'm using.Then fill in your information, you should be able to copy and paste the code into an add a gadget on your layout. Hope this helps and works. If not e-mail me your town and zip code, and I will e-mail you back the code if you send along your e-mail address.

ken_andrea said...

Hi Leslie,
How did your doctor appointment go?
Scraping buddy Andrea

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Leslie. sorry you're so cold. We've been scorched over here and my foot is being bitten by the kittens right now as I'm typing this comment. My Mum is Diabetic but her Doctor has never said anything about the electric blanket staying off. Wierd. Long as you're okay that's all that matters. Great you're going to craft classes as well.

Take care. Big husg and love