Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just can't resist ~~~

I have a long list of V.Words that I haven't used and I just can't resist using some today !

The Nescabil family went to visit the Copyhags that live Inbooffeem on lake Palkai. It was a diphy sort of day with Glemin singing in the trees and it had a walin sound and that was a aparipig singing with them. After quata time the song go old, so they lessec no more and went back Mersp where they lived. Minitn

Today the sun is shining, not so yesterday. I hope all of you are happily enjoying your day. Cheers~~~~~


The Vintage Rose said...

Hello again, Sorry I haven't blogged much lately, I left the cable for my camera at home and haven't been able to do my normal snap, upload and write. Things should be back to normal by next Monday. I have enjoyed reading even if some of the photos don't download on dial-up. I left a comment on your backwards day.
cialiti - see you a little later!

jinksy said...

I need to know what 'V words' are? Sorry to be so dumb...

Leslie said...

Hi Jinsky, a lot of times when youanswer a post it asks for a verification word and none of them are real words. Since I am a scrabble player. I decided to make a list of the words and try to use them in something.
So there isone of my stories.
Thanks,for visiting my blog

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Very very cool Leslie