Monday, January 12, 2009

This is my day !

You know I turn on my computer on as soon as I can walk down the hall into the kitchen.
I read my blogs while I drinking a cup of coffee. Now the phone rings and my neighbor says come over and have coffee with me, so as a added bonus I have been taking over something to eat while we are drinking our coffee. Some times a muffin and cream cheese , this morning it was banana bread and cream cheese. Last week I made Egg McMuffins !!! Sorry McDonalds, I can do my own now..

We wile away a couple of hours talking about this and that such as what are we going to do today or the next day ! Then maybe we add what we are not going to do ~~~~.

Tomorrow, I do get to go to Berryville with my friend to our craft class and do some shopping. But, if the weather is bad and the roads are icy we can't go until Wednesday.
Now , I have to write a few emails, and make a grocery list. Last but, not least do a little sprucing up inside my humble abode.

Baby, it is cold outside and the wind is blowing vey hard. Just keep the storms at bay until Wednesday~~~Please !


Betsy said...

Ooohh...banana bread and cream cheese sounds delish! And I bet your egg mcmuffins are better than at the drive-thru! :)

alex said...

Sounds lovely- wish I could join you.
I hope the weather cooperates with your plans. Feel free to send all wintery weather my way, the kids are desperate for some snow!
My v. word? tennk
Some banana bread for me? Why yes, tennk you!

Leslie said...

Alex, you are "warklim", welcome that is !
It is 17 degrees this morning but, no snow yet. If it comes I will send some to you and the kids.

Leslie said...

Betsy, I think my egg mcmuffins are better than drive-thru and they not made ahead of time. LOL !


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday. We had sunshine and 38, it's still in the thirties and sunny this morning, but of course, all that will change by later. Good griefus, they say wind-chill below zero tonight! Yikes! I wanna be in Southern California now, where it is 80F

Have a great day and stay safe and warm tonight and the next couple of days.