Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to my kitchen !

Another early day, ho hum !

Yesterday some nut was digging a whole for a water line and he cut my phone line, so no computer and no phone all day. I was one unhappy camper I wonder if he felt my unrest ??

Well, it is 4 A.M. and I have been up an hour and a half. I am in my kitchen where I spend most of my days. This is my favorite room, it has 5 windows and it is the best place to scrapbook and my computer and sewing machine are in here, too.

My bloggers are the greatest also, bloggers I follow. I was reading one blog and the lady makes greeting cards ---Surprise ! One caught my eye , it had a guitar on it and I am making an album for one of my grandson's for Graduation. He likes playing his guitar and I was looking for one, so I sent her an email when I could not find a guitar anywhere.
Bless her heart she told me she would cut one out on her Cricut machine ( those are the greatest) and I am saving for one and she has mailed it to me. Thanks, DeeDee !

I really have not forgotten all of you, it is just that I "think tank" is dry right now. It is time for another cup of coffee.

Hugs to all~~~~~~ Leslie


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning, hope you ahve a perfect Sunday.

jinksy said...

You're one enthusiastic blogger, if you can face the screen at 4am! I wake up often enough at that time, but desperately try to tell myself I'm really asleep and it's only a dream! Doesn't work, though... xxx

ken_andrea said...

Hi Leslie,
Hey blog is it that you saw with the lady that makes cards. Can you send it to me e-mail. Love reading you blog. stay warm it looks like we are in for a ice storm. Andrea
P.S. Can I have your e-mail?

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie!

Good to see an update from you. I was very worried about you during that arctic blast.

I am in a blogging slump as well. Have not felt like updating at all, and besides, I have been busy, and gone a lot, and have writing deadlines, etc. So no new post. Maybe one day soon.

I am very glad you posted. Yes, an ice storm coming our way starting Monday evening here, so winter isn't done with us yet. Stay warm and safe. Oh, I'm an early bird, too, and usually get up at 4. I love the mornings.



alex said...

Hi Leslie,
I was worried that you might have frozen solid. I had not seen a post nor comment from you for a while.
I am glad to know you are alright, and that you are back in contact with the world.
My v. word? traltumb. I don't know what it means but is one of the longer ones I have had.

Leslie said...

Alex, I may freeze this time, since today we are supposed to have a 3 day ice storm. If we lose our power, we may all freeze.
Take care. Hugs~~~~ Leslie

Leslie said...

Okay, girls.

I will I will try to do better, thanks, for caring.

Hugs to all.~~~~ Leslie