Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alert !

The temperture has risen to 30 degrees this afternoon. For two days now I have had to let the water in my sink drip, so that the pipes don't freeze ! Primative, I guess but, what do you expect in "Hillbilly Heaven ?" What's with all of the 60 degrees in Atlanta and Va. where Alex lives ?
I know it is winter and it is supposed to be cold, have mercy just a little warmer ,please. I have not seen the sun since Sunday when it was 60 degrees here, that day and Sunday night it got down to 13. Brr !

I have a few word for the weatherperson they are: Spileci, Coystra, Doraman, and last but, not least Emerp. How do you feel now weatherperson ? Santa is watching..


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, I am Sue and I live in Redding california. About the chinese bufet. We ate there. small world huh? A friend lives in Berryville and she took us. Pretty darn good food.
Hope to follow your blog.
I am at Mamaws World.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Well, if you're in Eureka Springs, you're in a beautiful place! But unfortunately, not that close to me. I am on the Northeastern Arkansas border, but in Southern MO. Wish you were closer! We do visit Eureka Springs occassionally, as I do love the area. And I do love Chinese food.

You have been in many parts of the world. So have I. I was born in Hungary, lived in Austria as well, and been to Italy and Germany.

Yep, same here on leaving a trickle of water running the past couple of days. But we only got to 28 for a high today. However, we'll be in the fifties by Thursday and Friday. Yeehaw! I dislike the cold intensely.

Bet you wish now that you were back in Arizone, huh? At least for the winter. Have you been in Arkansas long? Well, maybe I'm asking too many questions.

Have a good night.


Leslie said...

Sue, it sure is a small world, I guess you are to far away to come with me to Berryville for Chinese food. Glad to have you follow my blog. But if you are going to be close let me know ;*)

Leslie said...

Hi Renie,
I wish we were closer,too. I have been in Arkansas since 1995 and I love Eureka Springs,also. If you are ever coming up here again. Give me a "hollar" and maybe we could get that Chinese food yet. This week I do wish I was in Arizona. I was born and raised in a Small town in Texas. By the way. Ask any question you want to, I will answer them. God bless you and yours.

Kelly said...

oh my! I don't think I could tolerate that weather very well myself. It is quite warm here- too warm for a jacket in fact. I will send some warm vibes to you!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Kelly for the warm vibes!
Yeah, it is 25 degrees right now. Maybe we will reach 30 by days end ! It has been cloudy since Sunday. Kind'a depressing ! Glad you are warm there.

cherokeefox said...

My Weatherman is "notanoin"...and sometimes "iklickn".