Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging !

I am so wrapped up in blogging that I can't get any of my house work done. I guess it doen't matter there is no one here to complain. I think I have the neatest blog to follow of anyone I know.
Just a little information on a couple of my followers, the girl with the big smile is my daughter and the man with the microphone and waving is my son, his daughter Emily follows mine, too. The greyhound pics. are friends of my daughters ( they have 2 Greyhounds.) Well, all of my followers are all great people and I am glad to have all of you. Thanks, for all of your comments !!

Have any of you heard of: Chemo Angels ? I read about that on one your your blogs. In a nutshell is about writing to Cancer patients, sending cards, and a small gift sometimes to cheer them up. I have signed up to be a Chemo Card Angel, and I am so excited about doing this. But, it takes about 6 weeks before you receive your Chemo patients name . Since I love to make cards, this will make it more meaniful. My wish is to help cheer someone up. I don't feel I do enough for my fellow man or woman. I want to make a difference.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love your cheery blog. I am sure you are making a difference to your readers already!

Leslie said...

Thanks, I hope I am making a difference, too.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Things are improving in the woods here. Ice is melting, things are really dripping. Maybe I will be able get out of here tomorrow. I hope so.

What a nice idea to join Chemo Angels. Do you have a link for that?

And what about links to your daughter and son's blogs?

Hope things are getting better at Hillbilly Heaven, too, weatherwise.


Addie said...

Mom, I'm glad you're having so much fun blogging!

Muchas smoochas from the girl with the big smile (I like that!)


PS - Renie, thanks for your interest. You can always find me at I'd be honored by your visit!

Leslie said...

Flowers of life blog will tell you all about the Chemo Angels. Good night.

Leslie said...

Hi Leslie- Glad you stopped by and are signed up for Chemo Angels! I found out about it on the internet and just thought I would tell others in case they might want to join in.

The link for chemo angels is

Since you make cards, this will just be perfect for you.

Come visit me again sometime and I will be sure to come back here too! You might get your patient before 6 weeks-I did! I think they tell you that in case it takes that long.

Happy blogging and many blessings to you,

Kevin said...

Hi Mom -

What a great idea! I'm glad you're able to use your great cardmaking skills to help make even more people happy.

And to Renie, thank you for your interest, but I actually don't blog. I just don't have that much to say!


Leslie said...

Dear Kevin, you have lots to say and you never know who's life you will touch. Just remember you are a "shining light". I am blessed everyday by something one of "my" bloggers say.
You can post picture of your two beautiful girls and what they do and like. I love to see the children other people have in their lives. Love, Mom

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Leslie,

As always you've brought a brought a big smile to my face. Lovely to see Weaver, Renie and Leslie visiting too. All wonderful fantastic talented people.

Yes you are making a difference. We all need to smile every day and you've just made mine

Lots of hugs

Zan said...

Leslie- I know just what you mean about letting blogging (and the internet in general) get in the way of household chores. Catching up with interesting cyber buddies is really more fun.

Love the Chemo Angel idea. I'll have to check it out!!

star in heaven said...

Dear Leslie,

Is so nice of you joining the chemo angel, I'm sure the cancer patient will love to receive it.

Take care


Leslie said...

All of you have Blessed my life in so many ways, I can't count and I love all of you ! I need a cup of coffee ! The first thing I do in the morning I boot up this wonderful computer and invite you into my kitchen. But now for the coffee. Hugs...

Janene said...

Hi Leslie~Thank you for coming by to visit me...I'll be at your place for quiet and sollitude as quick as a wink...Have the hot cocoa brewing!
What a great idea about the Chemo angels...I'm sure that they will really appreciate that!
I am going to add your spot to my blog roll so that I can visit again. Now I am back to your blog to read more!
Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

Thanks Janene, for the comment you are always welcome at my blog spot ;*) I will be happy for you to be one of my followers. The more the merrier ! I'll get going on the hot chocolate. Be waiting for you. LOL

Debbie (Emma's mom) said...

Cards for chemo patients...what a great idea!! Cheerful surprises always make us feel better. (Been there.) I'll check out the Chemo Angel web site, too. see how many lives you're touching.

The Vintage Rose said...

So lovely that you will be a chemo angel, I can just imagine you with that cup of coffee visiting all your favourite blogs each morning, I'm just about to make my first cup of tea. I slept in today because its the first day of my holidays. My V word is pendrip is that why I type because my pendrip?
PS I love scrabble too. I'm looking forward to playing it with my Mum over Christmas.

Leslie said...

You made me laugh, with your v. word. I guess most our pendrips that is why we are blogging so as not to make a mess. I hate messes don't you ? Cheers !!