Monday, December 15, 2008

Verification Words

I have scraps of paper all over my computer desk with nothing but v. words written on the paper. Sooo hold on another nonsense blog !

I was gonna phonazu today but, you were out teaching the tubilga's inglessh so that they could walk thru the pieni woods and talk to the nonstabu people. Alas ! they had crumbl and left for outqiasm. If I knew where that was I would just deculaep over and visit you ..

For all of you new readers I have not flipped, I just love playing with words. I am an avid Scrabble player. I can not imagine who thinks up these word s. I am thinking about a whole book of Verification Word for the general Public. What do you think ? ;*) LOL

I read my horoscope everyday on the computer just for fun. It said today "let your inne child come out and play." I just did. So long for now.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love how creative you were with the word verification.

To post this comment on your blog, mine is

So, here goes:
I larqu because you have a good sense of humor.

How did I do???

Leslie said...

Gerry, you got it. I larqu a lot, too. The v. word for this comment is fabint. Oh, did you get a new fabint for Christmas ? Your dishes will look wonderful in it ! LOL

cherokeefox said...

I have found myself keeping a list of sorts of v. words. I will have to write my own story as a tribute to yours, after the holidays. In the meantime, "Have A smant seler racodi Christmas!!!"

Leslie said...

I will be looking forward to your v. word story after Christmas. I hope you have some "Misto" for the holidays. That is a V. word I had this morning.

Kelly said...

My oldest daughter asked for scrabble this year for Christmas- as in, that was the ONLY thing she asked for. I better brush up on my "v" words- keep 'em coming! :)

Leslie said...


Does she want the board game Scrabble or the Cd ? I have both. But, living alone I only play the one on my computer now. Here is another sample of my V. word game.
Can you prosmaroi, that you won't numpulic, when you go out to doligne house for grevav..Tranlate: promise ,you won't ? when to go to friends house for gravy ??

MARIGOLD 'emily' said...

I vote yes on the word verification book! It would be so funny! i would buy it, if you were to publish it!

ps my word verification is sweauln

(the doctor said that if the sweauln didn't go down, to come back! was that ok?)