Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !

I hope all of you have a Happy New Year in 2009.

Tomorrow I will be eating blackeyed peas, cornbread and cabbage , the peas are supposed to bring good luck for the following year. I do hope it works again this year.
I know all of my children are glad I am not with them on New Years day, they all hate blackeyed peas !! LOL

Do any of you eat anything different on New Years Day ,that is supposed to bring luck ?

I am not staying up to see the new year come in tonight. It is just another day to me. If there was a party around here I might go though. Cheers !


April Jarocka said...

Thanks Leslie. And all the best to you and yours too!

Kevin said...

Hi Mom,

Although they're not my favorite, I'll be making blackeyed peas (in the form of Hoppin' John) and mustard greens (I couldn't find collard or turnip greens)tomorrow. I'm not above eating something I don't like all that much in exchange for a little luck!

Happy New Year!


Leslie said...

Happy New Year son, The peas are good with salsa on them !
I may eat some tonight to get a jump on New Years day ! Give my love to everyone. Love, Mom

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Leslie,

Your son seems so nice and sweet!

We went to an early New Year's Eve lunch today, Chinese, of course. LOL. I stay home tonight and go to bed as usual by around 9 PM. Have to get up early for church (I am Catholic and we have mass on New Year's Day.) Then we are going to dinner where pork roast, cabbage, collard greens and more than likely, black eyes peas will be served. The green are supposedly good luck for more money, so I may eat two portions! LOL. But no fowl of any kind is to be eaten on New Years Day, the old saying goes, or one will have bad luck! Not sure I believe that, but am not eating any chicken tomorrow just to stay on the safer side. LOL.

I hope the new year brings many blessings your way! Happy New Year, Leslie!

Love and Hugs,


Addie said...

Mom, I'll eat a few black eyed peas on New Year's; the part of your menu that scares me the most is the cabbage. You know that stuff makes me repeat like a Howitzer, which is not exactly my definition of a lucky start to the new year. :-)


Betsy said...

Happy New Year, Leslie! Thanks for visiting my blog! I saw you on my followers list and had to come over! :)

Granny Annie said...

We had ham, baked sweet potatoes and for that special luck in the New Year, we had blackeyed peas. My sil said, "Now, how many do I have to eat?" I assured her that a teaspoon full would work. She obeyed because we are going to the casion tonight and she wants all the luck she can get.