Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card

Hi All,

Addie here, just posting a couple of pictures of the Christmas card Mom/Leslie/Queen of the Hills made for my family and me. Enjoy!

The cover!

The message reads, "May happy memories surround you at Christmas and always". Lovely, isn't it?


Leslie said...

Although, I made the card for my daughter and family, the same thoughts go out to all of you and your families. As you can see I don't know how to post pictures, I guess I need a better camera. The best to y'all this Christmas..

Zan said...

You are a lady of many talents!! Love the card!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Beautiful card, Addie. Your Mom is very talented.

Merry Christmas to you and you as well, Leslie!

Holiday hugs,


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Addie,

The card is beautiful


alex said...

What a lovely card!
Far better than the commercial ones (with just Merry Christmas hand printed inside) that I sent out. Perhaps one day....
Merry Christams to you as well.
Thanks for sharing with us Addie

Denise said...

Beautiful card!