Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Day !

My day started at 5 A.M. and it is cold (24) degrees. I decided to dress in the dark and I don't know why I must have thought it would be warmer. Then I went into the other room and turned on the light ! Surprise, I had my shirt and pants on backward and I had tried to put my slippers on in the dark but, I knew they were on backward, so I fixed that problem. If I had not, I might have walked into the other room backward.

Then I turned on my computer and started reading blogs, one of my bloggers lives in New Zealand her name is Liz. her blog is Goings on at the mad bush farm. This morning she had drawn a picture of a dolphin and gave instructions on how to draw it.
So after I had my coffee I tried to draw the dolphin, it looks more like a submarine with a nose ! I will try again to draw it after I get over dressing in the dark.
I am going to go drink coffee with my neighbor now. More later.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Leslie my hair is sticking out and I stuck my jumper on backwards. 4.30 am wakeup from a possum stuck in the trap stupid thing. Dolphins are submarines with noses so look at it that way.LOL! You've made my week by giving it a try anyway and that's awesome. Next one will be a fat cat. It's even easier than the dolphin. I'll post it up later when I draw it. Hope you had fun anyway.

Love and hugs

PS Stay warm

Leslie said...

Liz, keep the sketches coming, I learn fast. I have always wanted to write childrens books but, they have to have pictures in them. Sooo, maybe I am on my way.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Leslie that's great to hear. Be creative and just keep on practicing.

Big hug

Leslie said...

You're just having a backwards kinda day! Keep practicing the dolphin-I'm sure you'll get it right! I just love Liz at Mad Bush-she always has cool stuff to share!

Have a very Happy New Year Leslie!


Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week………
" A Happy New Year''

Renie Burghardt said...

I missed this post somehow. Don't know how. I want to try to draw Liz's dolphin too, but haven't had the time for it yet.

We all have those backwards sort of days at times.

Have a great New Year's Eve. I would sing along to my Auld Lang Syne CD, but it always makes me bawl!

Good night, Leslie.



The Vintage Rose said...

Oh Leslie, I had a real giggle at the backwards beginning to your day. Please keep sharing these amusing snippets - it makes your blog fun and different! I love that you are sharing the story of the little goat-tending boy and the talking fish. I always have wanted to write children's stories too. I used to cut out pictures and paste them in an exercise book and write stories when I was a child.
v.word aughtlys- aughten Liz teach us all how to draw or become our illustrator?