Sunday, November 23, 2008

One for the road

My book isn't ready yet so I will leave you this message before I leave for Atlanta.

If you are in a Kashrut then you can not dine with Phybrubb, and Ingombeg tonight. You can invite them over for a snack. By the way Glark and Nozle will be there, too.

Can we please have Pread , Chies and don't forget the Hedlyst ? Translated (I guess.) Can we have bread, cheese and lettuce?

These are just a few of my verification words I have seen the past two days??

Okay Alex and Addie it is your turn and anyone else that wants in on this nonsence. ;*)


Addie said...

You've outdone yourself on this one, Mom! I don't think I can compete with this. :-)

See you tomorrow!

Stephen said...

I like your translation better than my interpretation of Hedlyst. I don't know anyone that would want headlice with their bread and cheese.

Word ver. - PADIGHER

Farm-raised father and son head into town and notice a rather attractive woman stroll by. "Hey PA, DIG HER!"

Spin those words around and you get PIG HEADER. Maybe I'm on to something....Boggling word verifications....hmmmmm

Zan said...

Hey, this is fun!

Word ver. demutle

Dem ulte folks who read this will think we're crazy;-p!

Zan (who is obviously putting off shopping for turkey day dinner!)

alex said...

Wow! Nice new look to your blog.
I guess I better get to gussying up my page.
And no, "gussying" was not my verification word, that's just really how I talk.