Sunday, November 9, 2008

The North Pole

I woke up this morning at the North Pole. My Igloo was almost covered with snow and ice, the wind was howling and so were my sled dogs ! What's an Eskimo supposed to do on a day like this ? First I will eat an Eskimo Pie, then get my fishing pole--- break a hole in the ice and catch my lunch.
After that I will hitch up the dogs and run into town and do my shopping at Walmart ! Isn't there one everywhere ? I need a new walrus skin coat and a new axe. Then I will go home and watch T.V.

Oh, my that was just a dream I am still in Hillbilly Heaven.


Addie said...

Mom, that's a real hoot!! I'm guess the cold wasn't a dream though, right? Stay warm!

Leslie said...

No, the cold was not a dream ! I am freezing "my hanging baskets off." I do have a furnace here but, no money for the propane..... Thats life in this here place. Not to worry I have my fat to help keep me warm!