Thursday, November 20, 2008

MeMe # 3

Boy, did that make my mind run amok' First, I would buy my very own Amtrak train then staff it with the best Chefs and invite all of my friends, family and some bloggers ( maybe Alex would like to come along with her dogs.) There would be one car for pets, with all the things dogs would like to have with them . Eveyones dogs invited. We would take a trip up into Alaska. I have a video of such a trip ! That was a beautiful trip on the video.

I would move somewhere warmer and closer to " some of my family" a big nice house with everything anyone would want to have, for me that could include an old lady bathtub. ( one you see on then a huge room for sewing and scrapbooking and all tools, too, please, for all of my hobbies.

Three, to go on Safai in Africa and ride across the plains and see the animals up close. Does anyone want to go with me ? (Four) a pill to make me young again. (5) A limo would be nice. I do not have a car. (6)Money for all of my kids and grandkids. so they would never have to work again.


alex said...

I am So there.
Thanks for the invite ;-)
A few requests: can there be a separate car on your train just for children under 18 too? lol
Just keep it stocked with video games, gatoraid, and snack foods- and they'll be happy :-)
We can stop over at your house to scrapbook all our lovely photos of our travels (I am a faux scrapbooker- I have plenty of supplies, but never the time to actually get the pictures printed (they are all on my computer) and put together the pages.
Wouldn't it be loverly...

Leslie said...

You can have anything you want on my train, remember we have "all" the money we need , right. My friend Doris and I go to a scrapbooking class every Tuesday. This past Tuesday we made Christmas card. I wish I could send one to you. I made an album for Lori and family. I only put one pic, the rest they have to do themself's.

Addie said...

Great ideas, Mom! Isn't it fun to imagine? I'm in for that Amtrak trip and the safari, too, and of course I like number six quite a bit! I'm not sure what the old lady bathtub is, but maybe if I can catch some re-runs of Murder She Wrote I'll see the commercial.