Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing with the Stars !

If you did not watch the show last night, you missed some terrific dancing. They all are so good I don't know who will be voted off tonght.

Should they ever have blimps on there, I will be first in line. On to another topic. Today is the day Doris and I go to Berryville for shopping and our Scrapbooking class. Oh, what fun ! First we eat breakfast out, then the class and last but, not least Walmart. Oh, I forgot lunch we eat out again.

On a sadder note I will only be 69 for 5 more days. ;-) Just kidding about the sad part !
Will have an update later today and it will be funny. Chow

P.S. Thanks, for the new follower and the dot..


Addie said...

Mom, have fun today! Say hi to Doris for me. :-)

Kevin said...

The girls and I started watching Dancing with the Stars last night (although we haven't watched it before). About 20 minutes into it, the girls pulled out a long-abandoned "Learn to Swing Dance" DVD. I'm happy to report that they have already gotten a lot more out of it than their hapless & graceless father!