Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Country Commandments

You just never know where you may find good information! I was sitting in the "little room" waiting for the Doctor to come in and talk to me. I had already looked through a whole magazine, the I started to look the walls and I saw this plaque.

Country Commandments, and they go like this:
No hankerin' for others stuff.
No cuss'n
No kill'n
Mind your Ma and Pa
Cheatin' is forbidd'n
Ya'll don't steal
Just how could I have lived this long and not know this stuff ?

Well, that's life in Hillbilly Heaven !!


Addie said...

I'm pretty good about following these, with the possible exception of "No Cuss'n". :-)

Leslie said...

Yes, I am okay, with all of them but, the cuss'n. Maybe it runs in the family. Chuckle !

alex said...

Lol, and you said you were "hankering" for your neighbor's pound cake candle.;-) It seems, Yankee candles makes pound-cake scented candles. (and sometimes you can find them at Marshalls). Paula Deen also makes a coconut pound cake candle. Linens and Things carries Paula Deen, at least until they go completely out of business.

Leslie said...

Thanks, a bunch ! for the info. about the candles. Now I won't have to buy milddew or funeral home scents.

Kevin said...

Silly me - I didn't know that funeral home was a scent! It's probably close in popularity to 'fish hatchery' and 'municipal dump'. I'll have to keep my eyes open for those!