Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter is coming !

It is cold outside for a Fall day and the wind is blowing like crazy , the leaves are coming down like rain.

My only source of heat -- 4 small electric heaters, today they are warm enough. Come January I may be a block of ice , I hear that is what happened to the Prehistoric animals and people. Who, knows I may make history someday when they find me ! Later


Addie said...

I'm not too excited about the cold that's supposed to come our way tomorrow. I think we'll be having some of your wind.

Frozen or thawed, you make history with every post! ;-)

Leslie said...

I am happy to share my cold wind !
This mobile home was new in 1980 and it is like living in a collander (it has so many holes.) Right now I have on so many clothes I can hardly move. I look like a extra big Santa. Come on Kiddies and tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

Kevin said...

If it's cold now, what are you going to do in January?? Get some duct tape and start patching!

Also, how did you get a random Turk following your blog? It looks like he's gone now, but how many times have you been to Turkey?

Leslie said...

Its anybody guess how the Turk found me, maybe he left because he thinks I am insane. Whats wrong with being crazy or maybe he doesn't like Hillbilly !! So long Turkey.