Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day in Hillbilly Heaven

Hi, Y'all

A friend brought me some black walnuts, she did crack them. This afternoon I sat down to get the nuts out of the shells. She did not furnish a tool to get them out with so I had use my imagination, first I tried a new nail ( no good ) next I got a crochet hook out of my collection of hooks this is better but, slow as "molasses running up hill."
To let you know how slow I have been picking for more than an hour and I have about 1/4 cup. At this rate I will be doing this task into the Spring. I had hoped to do some Christmas baking using these nuts. Don't hold you breath folks.


Addie said...

Thanks for describing your nut adventures...I have so many testicle jokes running through my head right now that I can't even think straight. :-) I'll have to get back to you with a comment!

Kevin said...

Mom, I commend your dedication to the nut project. You just made me want to bake some banana bread!

Please, Lori, for the love of all that is sweet and nice keep those jokes to yourself. I don't need to hear them.

Leslie said...

Hey, Lori.

I will listen to your jokes, you can tell some good ones. The wind is blowing like crazy and how dare it be a cold wind. I guess our "Indian Summer" is over. Keep your heat on today, Love ya' Mom

Leslie said...


Was the banana bread tasty ? Are you about ready for your trip ? I am getting ready slowly but surely. It is cold here today ( about 40 degrees) See you in less than 2 weeks. Love ya' Mom