Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have you ever had......

Have you ever had a neighbor that you wished she (or he ) lived on another planet ? Well, I have one now that I wished was on any planet but, this one. She is the daughter of my friend next door, I do believe even her Mother wishes she was somewhere else.

Michelle would not know the truth if it came up and "bit" her on her backside ! She is not a bad person but, she is lazy and won't work and if she happens to get inside my house ( I do not invite her in, she just comes inside. ) There she sits and lies for hours on end, there is no give and take when she is talking---she just broadcasts !

Yesterday, she told me over and over how things were when she was in Medical School. The woman did not graduate from high school ( that is not a crime. ) When I want fiction I will turn on TV. or read a book..

Sorry, I just had to say this to someone.

Monday I leave for Atlanta, I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving.


Addie said...

Try any of the below:

"Oh I'm so glad you're here...let's take a bath!"

"Come on in, I have a festering boil you can help me lance."


"Perfect timing...I have to apply my ointment in 10 minutes. We can have a cup of tea first."

alex said...

As we all recall from Dante's Inferno, there are several circles of hell. I am not sure which level having a neighbor like yours belongs to- but I wonder if it comes before or after my neighborhood? Where there are only 2 neighbor's houses I have EVER been actually invited to enter (there are 15 houses on our street and we have lived here nearly 9 years).
On the lighter side, I LOVE Addie's suggestions, and as a marvelous coincidence my verification word is:
As in the - We call this ointment you threaten liars with, phybrubb.

Leslie said...

I think I am going to write a book and only use verification words. I will call the book "PHYBRUBB"

Zan said...

Leslie- My neighborhood is more like Alex's than yours, but as one of my buddies says, the best neighbors are often seen and not heard, so I'm not complaining. Hope you all have a great turkey day! BTW my word verification word is ingombeg.

Ingombeg you to apply my phybrubb ointment after we chat ;-)!

PS - found you thru addie's blog.

Leslie said...

Zan, I have decided to write a book using only verification words, Thanks, for your word I am sure I can find a place for it in my book. You are welcome here anytime. Addie's Mom ;-}