Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have several of my Grandmother's Antiques and I cherish them.

Tomorrow, I will become an antique ! I do believe 70 relates to antique-ish. I just made that word up as you can tell. I am not rusty yet but, I creak when I walk my hair is not grey, thanks to my grandmother's genes. No, not blue jeans !

On the lighter side, the weatherman is calling for snow flurries today and our leaves are still falling maybe today we are having "fallish winter!" Fall and Winter are my favotite seasons but, not together please...Then we do not know what to wear. I do want to be stylish, you know. That is a "must" in Hillbilly Heaven.


alex said...

"Tomorrow, I will become an antique"
That sounds like a birthday to me..
If so, a very happy (and stylin') birthday to you!!!
Best Wishes,

Leslie said...

Thanks, Alex

You are the first one to tell me "Happy Birthday"

I guess not having a birthday would be worse. Thanks again !