Friday, November 21, 2008

Time is short

In four days I will be with my daughter , Garrett, Jared, Tyler, Hoover, Bruno and my son, Kevin. That will be a wonderful day !! One glorious week of laughing, playing, talking and of course eating. After all it will be Thanksgiving !

I hope it will be a little warmer there than it is here this morning , it is 19 degrees outside my window. Brr !

Now for the work part of this: I try to tell myself if I clean house ( dirty words) change my sheets, etc. That I will be very much happier when I get back. But, who cares, I had rather play my games on the computer, scrapbook, and blog,blog, blog.. I can work anytime -- problem solved !

After Sunday no blog on this spot until Dec. 1st. But, I am not gone yet.


Addie said...

You forgot to the mention drinking...all that eating and talking will probably make us PRETTY thirsty. :-)

We're going to have fun!

Leslie said...

Gee, how could I have forgotten drinking. Sorry for the slip-up ! My mouth feels dry already.

alex said...

No blog updates from Monday until December 1st, from you OR Addie? I am sure you will be very busy with all that visiting and drinking ;-)lol. But whatever am I going to read with my second cup of coffee in the morning?
I hope the other bloggers will be willing to pick up the slack...
Wishing you a great trip, and if I don't get to say it later- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Leslie said...

Alex, Lori and I might combine one blogs or two just for you. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, too.

Addie said...

I'm actually working on posts in advance, so that my blog will remain a Pez dispenser of random thoughts and hopefully a chuckle or two.