Thursday, November 6, 2008

The leaves are falling and falling !

This cooler weather is turning all the leaves their many colors but, meanwhile the are hitting the ground, to be raked up by someone ?? Along with that come Thanksgiving and the Christmas. The question is: What to eat or not eat, in my case , it is what not to eat ?? Some times after I eat I think, "I just ate my will power." I can gain weight just watching food commercials !

I will be at my daughter' and family's house for Thanksgiving, I just hope I don't get so much bigger I can't get on the plane to return home to Hillbilly Heaven.

This time of the year I like to burn candles and Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla scents are my favorites. Then my house smells like I have been baking all day. I am still searching for a candle that smells like pound cake. One of my dear friends had one that was that scent, it really had a nice smell.

Yesterday was Doris and my day to go to our Scrapbooking class, we have such a good time there. We laugh and talk and show each other what we have done since we were there last.
www. is Johanna blog, she own the shop where we have our classes. There are pic. of some of the things we have done. Later


Addie said...

Mom, don't worry about gaining weight while you're here. The boys will do all they can to eat up anything tasty before you or I can get to it. :-)

Kevin said...

Hey - I thought I was going to do that!

Mom, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get you back on the plane. Just don't accidentally eat any pound cake (or other similarly-scented) candles!