Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sheets and a Book

I put new Flannel sheets on my bed this morning boy, they are wild ! Just imagine sleeping on sheets that are red and yellow zigzagged together, it looks a comet just landed on my bed !

This timely bed change is so my bed will be clean when I get back from Addie's. Do you think I should sleep standing up tonight and tomorrow night ? Let me know.

My next plan is to write a book using just verification words: The title will be " Phybrubb" written by "my" favorite v. Word " Falsesses" Where do these words come from anyway ??


cherokeefox said...

We use flannel sheets year round. Sometimes in the summer I will switch to cotton for a while but we LOVE the flannel.

Leslie said...

Thanks, for visiting my blog. Hope we can blog together. Have a good day.